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Benefits of Yoga and Stretch for Athletes:
• Correct muscle imbalances
• Prevent DOMS, delayed onset of muscle stiffness
• Decrease excessive tension of muscles
• Work to maintain the normal functional length of muscles and Kinetic chain
• Increase joint range of motion, improve joint stabilization
• Relieves joint stress
• Improve neuromuscular efficiency
• Access prime mover rather than bypassing to synergist dominate muscle groups
• Injury Prevention. Break pattern overload and cumulative injury cycle
• Practice of correct kinetic chain and posture to access correct muscle recruitment to reduce the risk of injury
• Dynamic, Active Isolated, and Static style movements utilizing reciprocal inhibition as needed are chosen based on the
training cycle and need of client
• Sport specific movements

Breath and Mental Focus Benefits:
• Diaphragmatic breathing mechanics. Utilize breath to shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic-relaxation response
• Mindfulness. Learn to harness the mind and body through your breath
• Sharpen mental focus by practice of presence with breath.
• Prevent and change the phenomenon: , “As the Body stills, the mind becomes more active”
• Visualization of sport to guide successful outcome
• Meditation to unwind the mind to produce freedom. Create clarity and calm to generate focus for task at hand
• Learn to “Compete in the zone, fully present and unstoppable”

• Hands on Adjustments to move into most effective position
• Modifications of positions-progress or regress position based on ability, injuries, and training cycles
• Props to support effectiveness into position
• Cues to teach athlete proper positioning
• Breath awareness and coaching through practice
• Mindfulness cues woven into practice

Client Services:
• Sport specific stretch and yoga positions, charting muscles, joints, and plane of motion
• Breathing techniques to target diaphragmatic breathing, focus, relaxation, and meditation
• Japanese Healing technique in adjustments and Savasana
• Band, ball, foam roll, and myofacial release technique
• Program design congruent to training cycles
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