Stadium Stretch Yoga Stadium Stretch Yoga

Mission Statment

Stadium Stretch and Yoga actively moves the athlete through a series of yoga movements and stretches specific to their sport and training cycle to promote proper bone alignment, posture, and muscle flexibility or stability to access joint range of motion.

Working with Strength and Conditioning Coach staff to define key areas of focus and medical personnel to define injury prevention, a series of yoga and stretch sequences are developed. Each movement is charted to define the plane of motion of the movement, joint activation, primary muscle mover (agonist), Secondary muscles, supporting muscles, and opposing muscle (antagonist). Cuing for each movement trains the athlete proper bone alignment through muscle awareness, activation and firing to reciprocally release or inhibit tight muscles. Compensatory movements are uncovered and retrained. Moving through each stretch and transitional movements is performed with intention, requiring complete body awareness of specific muscle activation or relaxation coupled with breath mechanics and mental focus.

“As the athlete properly aligns their bones and joints, letting go of muscle tightness, the mental freedom brings happiness and room for greater focus”